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Choco Treasure Milk Chocolate Surprise Eggs with a treasure inside

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Chocolate eggs with toy treasure inside each egg! 



The cow definitely came before the egg. After all, how else would we have gotten the milk for the premium Swiss milk chocolate?  Choco Treasure eggs are inspired by their European surprise egg cousins and are the original Choco Treasure. While they make the best Easter Egg hunt prizes EVER, Choco Treasure eggs are definitely not just for Easter anymore. What's inside your Choco Treasure? 


Available in boxes of 1 dozen


Good. Fun. And Yum.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy the 100% pure milk chocolate and have a lot of fun with the treasures we've put inside!

Inside Choco Treasure there are all kinds of fun and interactive toys to discover, including bracelets, figurines, full decks of 52-mini-playing cards, magnets, stickers, vertical 3-D puzzles... and more! Try to collect the whole set!

We'll be launching new toys and character lines every few months, so check back and see what's new!